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Touch and Augmented Reality

Touch and Augmented Reality is the two days workshop to learn about sixth sense technologies on which Microsoft, Google, Intel & many more organisations currently working on it.

Things to do
  • Create Multi Touchpad
  • Control PC with Hand Gestures and Eyes
  • Convert laptop screen into touch
  • Make Interactive Touch wall
  • Control Music with Paper
  • Make Kinect Xbox 360 applications
  • Create a augmented world
  • Gesture Interface
  • Play games using motion sensing
  • Create windows applications
*Registration Fees Rs 900/-

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Counter Strike

Fifa 15

Take your mind off the technical extravaganza and take a dive into the game zone, here we have FIFA and Counter strike for you, and guess what, if you have participated in any event, this is free of cost for you, if not then pay the minimal price of Rs. 100 and play these games, also gain access to participate in all of our technical events and not only it is just recreational gaming, but rather a contest where winner takes home a big reward, so Get Set Play.
Prizes worth Rs 3k and 2k for Counter Strike and FIFA respectively
Eat, Game, Win, Repeat

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Not from around here, worried where you are going to spend the night as the campus prepares itself for yet another magnanimous day, well worry no more, here at IIIT NR, we provide the cheapest and best accommodation, with the infinitesimal price of Rs. 100, you can spend two nights at our campus and enjoy the calm night of the city of Naya Raipur.

Key Features
  • # Accommodation Just at Rs 100
  • # Accommodation for two days (11th and 12th feb 2017)
  • # 4 Shelf Cupboard to store your stuff while you wander care free in the campus
  • # 4 charging points in the room
  • # Nicely ventilated rooms
  • # Accommodation is to be availed per person
  • # Bringing in any contraband or abusive substance inside the hostel is not allowed and will result in immediate expulsion
  • # Only students can avail the accommodation
  • # Food is not included in the accommodation charges
  • # Causing discomfort or abusing other residents can result in expulsion
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TechNovate, 2k17 is the first ever techno-cultural fest of IIIT-NR, which is the outcome of the collective efforts of each and every student of the IIIT-NR family. Incorporating the various disciplines of Information Technology and Engineering with recreational events such as musical nights, TechNovate promises to be a thrilling experience for every person who is a part of the event. From coding to designing, including the talks of renowned speakers and the entertaining sessions and Celeb Nights along with plethora of Informal Events like Dance Competitions and many more, TechNovate is going to be a delight for the participants and the spectators.Being the first techno-cultural festival of IIIT-NR, TechNovate, is now all set to mark it's debut in 2k17. Come,be a part of what we see as a future of this generation.


Be the bounty hunter and search for those minute programming errors in a given code segments. Participants would also correct and run the code.

Event Co-ordinator
Game of Codes

A Coding event exclusively for 1st year students and students from higher secondary classes. Participants will be given a problem statement which would be supposed to be implemented in any programming language.

Event Co-ordinator
Robo Valley

A racing competition to be organized among wireless robots controlled by the participants. The first three to reach the finish line will win the event and awarded with cash prizes.

Event Co-ordinator
Tech Grandmasters

Enhance your Technical knowledge by participating in the IT Quiz with questions on various disciplines of Information Technology and Engineering.

Event Co-ordinator
Wolf Of Web Street

An overnight contest in which participants will be given a theme during the course of the event on which they have to design a website and will be hosted on the local server. Attractive prizes for best three websites.

Event Co-ordinator

A soccer competition amongst wired or wireless bots. So be ready to goal.

Event Co-ordinator
House of Clues

A unique QR-Code based Treasure Hunt event. So get Sherlock hat and connect the clues by scanning QR code.

Event Co-ordinator
Dance Fever

The war of masters. A dance competition which is to be held in Technovate 2k17 will be a major attraction.

Event Co-ordinator